Slalom in Courmayeur to spend these last weeks of winter in the enchanting scenery of Mont Blanc. The first event, twice good, starts tomorrow with the return to the Valle d’Aosta pearl of Chef in common , the social table of Courmayeur that sees master chefs involved in an important charity project that until February 17 offers eight dinners for 16 guests in a unique setting, the Council Chamber of the town of Courmayeur that turns into an exclusive restaurant wrapped in an enchanted forest.

The table has always been a place of sharing, exchange and comparison. Through food we share passions and emotions, knowledge and flavors, “because cooking is first of all a gesture of love”, as Massimo Bottura likes to call it, godfather of the first edition.

Love that in Courmayeur takes on a special meaning at the next party of lovers. Known above all for being the gateway to an iconic and spectacular territory such as that of the granitic Monte Bianco (the highest peak in Europe, 4810 meters) and a sports destination par excellence, it heats up in a particular way for San Valentino that is the winter patron of the town. Starting from next Wednesday, February 14th, in fact, with the sunny days that stretch and begin to light up the country (usually in the afternoon darkness during the winter) even in the afternoon, passing high above the summit of Crammont, Courmayeur offers to lovers a series of dedicated events.

What is more romantic than a picture in the snow to take a hug on the “selfie station” bench in the shape of a heart? Enjoying one of the theme desserts created for the occasion by the pasta factories of the center? And more passion in the themed parades of the folklore groups Badoche and Beuffons, typical of the tradition, in addition to the romantic proposals for two of shelters, hotels and restaurants.

Love and solidarity towards the children then season the “good” dinners on stage from tomorrow with the initiative Chef in common, whose proceeds will be donated to the association Dynamo Camp onlus that offers free recreational therapy programs to children and teenagers from 6 to 17 years old, suffering from serious and chronic diseases, their families and healthy brothers and sisters.

Guest chef of the 2018 edition is the Australian Dave Pynt of the barbecue restaurant of Singapore Burnt Ends among the 50 Best restaurants of Asia and winner of the “Chef’s Choice Award”: the waiting list to taste his specialties on the grill it’s a long month. Dave offers a balanced cuisine centered on cooking on the grill and in the wood oven, strongly convinced that the fire and smoke give a magical touch to food, an added value that can hardly be explained in words. In fact, in this edition of “Chef in common”, Pynt will valorize with its personal techniques the food and wine excellences of the territory provided by local producers, such as goat meat, trout, hazelnuts, vegetables accompanied by craft beers and bubbles.