The city has suffered greatly from the clashes for independence, the subsequent defeat of the Indonesian army that was out of control, and the violent political tensions still present not too long ago. The buildings bombarded the city. Some colorful houses of the Portuguese colonization are still present.

At the moment the city is very quiet, we feel no danger even late at night and the atmosphere in the streets is frankly relaxed, no reason to worry.

On Sunday I go to the beach protected by a huge Christ savior on his hill. I meet naked torso soldiers in Rip-Curl shorts and the rifle slung over my shoulder.


Small depression

Here there are things to do: visit the villages in the mountains, see the beautiful island of Atauro, scuba diving etc …
But it is very hot, everything seems so expensive after Indonesia and the transport system is not really practical.
So in this hotel we are all caught up in Dili’s sluggish vortex.

While waiting for the Indonesian Embassy to renew my visa, I spend my days hanging out at the hotel, walking the streets of the city, going to the beach, and shopping. Nothing too tiring. My evenings are spent around a drink with the guys from the Backpacker hotel or exceptionally in a bar of expatriates who work here.

While I had to return September 11 permanently in France, the rebound of my personal life prompt me to cancel this return or rather to shift it to April 29, 2009 as originally planned. Finally not enchanted by this change of plan I sink a little more in the vortex of Dili. It is good in this hotel after all and the Indian restaurant next door has even delivered me directly to the hotel in the living room.
The calecon days of scratching my balls in front of the TV and drinking beer are rather depressing and go slowly.
10 days of vortex in Dili are enough for me, finally I decided to kick my ass and go away from here. I have a new Indonesian visa in my pocket. Once again I leave for Kupang where I am waiting for a plane to Sulawesi.

It’s a shame Timor-Leste looked like a beautiful country but I have to leave to escape the vortex. I’ll have to come back one day.


East Timor or Timor Leste is a bizarre strange country that has just gained independence. I have to go there for visa reasons. I am told only bad things about this country still politically unstable and occupied by the UN forces. Only 4 tourists return by day. Come on, with me it will be 5! Here I am at the capital Dili.


East Timor or Timor Leste is the youngest country in the world. It is located on the “eastern” part of the island of Timor the other part is part of Indonesia.

It’s really different from Indonesia, you can not eat it the same way, people speak a lot of languages ​​but Tetoum is the official language. It looks like the Portuguese. And it is a Catholic country while Indonesia and majority Mulsulman.

Timor Leste was a Portuguese colony for 4 centuries and was then occupied by Indonesia for 25 years. He gained independence from Indonesia in 2002 alone.

But Indonesia has not easily accepted the situation and the withdrawal of Indonesian soldiers has been in a bloodbath. 25% of the population died there.


My hotel is run by an Australian. It’s quite like a youth hostel in Australia with the dormitory, the kitchen and the common room. There is even a small bar in a pretty outdoor courtyard with colorful lights.

Yes, there are very few tourists here but they are all in this hotel which is the only cheap hotel in the city and the atmosphere is nice.

Everyone here comes from far away and has some very interesting stories to tell. among them 3 travelers around the world are there, including 2 who travel by bike.

And then there are two others who have seized the opportunities of a country that is rebuilding itself to find a job. One as trainer to help a magazine to be created and the other was engaged by the UN to work on a website.


The economy completely deregulated by the occupation of the UN

The number of foreigners working for the United Nations is staggering. 1 / 5th of the inhabitants at sight of nose. UN vehicles are ubiquitous on the streets.
In this very poor country, the economy revolves around them. There are supermarkets with all you can want. After Indonesia it’s a dream. The products are imported and the prices are higher than those of France sometimes even exaggerated (5 dollars pepper). UN guys are spending their huge salaries without counting. The locals assume that all the whites work for the UN which drives up the prices disproportionately for us poor tourists.

I can not help thinking that when the UN leaves, it will be a huge economic crisis for the country.

Toraja is a special place in Sulawesi and Indonesia

It’s still the season of funeral rites. The Torajas wait for the summer and have enough money to organize funerals. Before that, the dead are placed in the room reserved for them in the traditional house. Everything happens in 5 days and is very codified. Platforms have to be built around a central square to house the hundreds of guests but also for the day to follow the show.
I attend many of the ceremonies, families in traditional clothes welcome tourists and treat them as guests.

In the first days the families of guests are present and each one must bring pigs and buffaloes as an offering. Buffaloes are sacrificed in the central square. For the richest families it is sometimes a carnage of dozens of buffaloes. The smell of vicerals, blood, excrement and mud meles is not really good.
On the platforms have brought us, the, to eat and betel nuts for the older ones. These nuts make a juice that mark the teeth in red definitively, scary!

In addition to ceremonies, buffalo fights or roosters on which paris are organized.

On the last day, the dead man’s family sings and dances in a circle around the coffin. In the form of Toraja house. The strong men then carry him to the cemetery.
It’s a moment of joy. The spectators throw mud on the coffin and the carriers who shake the dead man with all their strength (he must be awakened). Everyone shouts, laughs and has fun, it’s the end.

I enjoy my last day to taste the local culinary specialty in my usual little restaurant. It’s meat, rice, coconut and funny black spices, all cooked over a wood fire in a bamboo tube. Its good!
A last goodbye to my scooter owner and his family who invited me several times to take the tea at home in the evening and I went away to the north. Direction Toggean Islands.


Another two days in Kupang waiting for my plane to Makassar, the capital of the very large island of Sulawesi is so strange. The wait goes well in the company of Sue, an Australian meeting in Dili with whom I visit around by scooter.

For me, Makassar is just a transit point. The city is huge and modern with shopping centers, Mc’Do and even Carrefour.
The very evening of my arrival I take a night bus which must take me to Ranteipao. It is very comfortable, in the European standards. It is surprising to see this type of bus in Indonesia, it’s even the first time I see one in fact.

At 6am I arrive at Ranteipao. A pete fart dances into the Homestay that indicates to him. The pete is a scooter taxi that is only found in Sulawesi with a small egg-shaped cabin at the front.
Ranteipao is a pretty rural town of 30000 inhabitants I think. But it is especially the capital of the country Tana Toraja. Here the Toraja maintains a very strong and lively culture.

At the bottom, I rent a scooter as usual. Everything is green and lush. I cross beautiful rice terraces where I observe the peasants wash and buffalo their buffaloes with love. Here buffaloes have a real cultural and symbolic value.
Many villages are more beautiful than the others, the countryside. They are essentially beautiful traditional Toraja houses in the form of boats still built today as they were centuries ago. The legend tells that the ancestors of the Torajas would have arrived in boats that they would have pulled in the grounds to make their houses.

It rains a lot here and when the sun breaks, the sounds and smells of nature, the lights, the little hill roads that overlook the rice fields and the incredible villages of another time … Everything combines to create an atmosphere relaxing of pure zenitude.


In the direction of Togean Islands I stop at the edge of Lake Pendolo which makes me directly inside an Impressionist painting of Matisse. Another stop in the small port city of Ampana in the middle of Ramadan …

I take a good old Indonesian bus from Rantepao. I find a couple of French meeting in my little restaurant a few days earlier.

Julien and Doriane are institutes and the French system allows them to travel 6 months a year. With them I spend a few days traveling to the Toggean Islands north of Sulawesi. The road is long and we stop a day at the village of Pendolo. The evening is spent around a fire on the beach with Indonesians who eat their meal in the lake and sing like pans.
We get up very early to attend the sunrise. The sky is overcast and the landscape is worthy of an impressionist painting by Monnet.

Another bus day and a night in the city of Poso. The next morning at the reception of the hotel we exchange a few words with another Indonesian client. He offers us to take us to our next destination: Ampanna at 5am.
I spend a good part of the road to discuss in Indonesian and English with the businessman, dressed in jellaba and Muslim hat. We arrive without worries and thank our kind drivers. They send us a big smile: “Tida apa apa” (no problem).

Ampana is the small port city from which boats leave for the Toggean Islands. It’s Ramadan and it’s very hard to find food. Even non-Muslim restaurants close out of respect and no one smokes in the street.
In the city I meet some interesting personalities. I discuss with a policeman a weekend that shows me pictures of him posing with a gun like king of the trigger. I meet a group of shemales and finally in the hotel we spend part of the evening with a Indonesian decided to learn French with us.

The most hallucinating concentration of luminescent plankton

Couples are mostly here. Fortunately, I am very convincing and I can get everyone to party. Evening after night, the alcohol reserves are empty until exhaustion.
One evening not really sober around 2am, with the survivors of the evening, I go on the big pontoon and listen to Lami play the guitar.
The surface of the water sparkles with bright plankton. We jump on the spot. Our vibrations light up, a second, a large circle of bright light below us.
It’s incredible ! The concentration of plankton is huge! We repeat the experience a few times and finally we all throw ourselves in the water.
It’s millions of particles that light up with each of our movements. Like shooting stars we swim with a trail of light behind us and a halo around us. It is magic. I have never seen anything so beautiful to this day. The night after, the phenomenon is no longer there. It was unique!

 On this island, after more than a week together, I made good friends, the German Swiss, Christin and Mike, or Julien and Doriane, the couple of French teachers.I finally leave Kadidiri a little before the others, after a last party that includes everyone. These people and this place will miss me!

Things to Consider While Traveling to China

China is known to be the fastest growing economy in the world. The country has established itself as a strong manufacturing base. It had opened to foreign visitors in the late 1970s, and it is remarkable that it has become the fourth most visited country in the world since then.

China is known for its rich culture and history and there are many must-see sites. There are just a few things to do prior to your visit to this wonderful country.

Visa Mandatory

It is mandatory to carry visas to enter into this country. You may use any visa processing services like The Visa Machine to get rid of the pain in the ass. If you are applying for a tourist visa, then you should have a copy of the detailed itinerary with all your confirmed hotel bookings well in advance. Hotel bookings in China can be done online with sites like booking.com once your visa is approved.

Cash over Cards

Despite the proliferation of credit cards, cash is the preferred mode of payment in China. People find it easier to transact with cash than cards. The currency of China is called Yuan or RMB, whose informal name is “quai.” Chinese stores and businesses do not entertain other currencies.

Currency Exchange at ATMs

A few financial bodies like HSBC offer local currency withdrawals from foreign bank accounts. Such global banks offer good exchange rates compared to other foreign exchange services. Prior to your visit to China, it is better to check with your bank if there is no problem in using cards. Carry a translator with you for any banking transactions in China, since many Chinese bank employees will not understand English.

Pourboire is Not Liked

The Chinese do not like or encourage pourboire, even if offered as a token of appreciation for the excellent service. This holds to any car services, hotels, or recreational centers in China.

Never Mind Hindrances

While traveling, you may get a bit irritated to see people spitting or belching. Whether you like or not, to enjoy the enthralling journey do not bother some hindrances.

Varied Weather

Pack up your outfits according to the weather conditions of the destinations. It is no surprise to see quivering cold in the Great Wall and sweltering heat in Xi’an.

Avoid Tap Water

It is not safe to drink tap water in China, as it mostly contains chemicals and is not drinkable. Instead, you may buy bottled water from local stores or restaurants.

No Sanitizers

Carry some toilet papers, sanitizers, and other tissues with you. Most Chinese restrooms do not have such stuff, except for those in high-class or opulent restaurants.

Flight Delays

Do not expect on-time services of flights, so be prepared. Be early to the airport, as otherwise, you may see long queues. Most airports in China are crowded and frantic most of the time. Always have your passport with you.


China has a well-established transport network and almost all places are covered by either buses or trains. There are some high speed trains that will take you across China in a jiffy. The rates are also extremely affordable.

Purchase VPN

The Internet is a censored thing in China, so if you want to access sites like YouTube, Yahoo, Facebook, or even Google, you may require VPN. Examples of VPNs available for the Chinese Great Firewall are VyperVPN and Cyberghost.

Above all, the language barrier and cultural difference of China pose a real challenge, while it is the country of wonders worth exploring.

Traveling to Argentina

Argentina is a lovely country in South Africa with its iconic monuments, colonial sites, majestic Andes, glacial lakes, beaches, and gaucho culture. It is home to biodiversity, cultural offerings, and natural beauty. Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to travel to Argentina. The following features of the country attract visitors around the globe to travel to Argentina.

Urban Attractions

Buenos Aires is the largest and most popular city with more tourist places. It is the main airport interlinked with the rest of the cities in Argentina. The grandeur of the Maya pyramid and Recoleta Cemetery, tango dance, hush gardens, and nightlife make the city stand out from the other cities. In addition, there are in numerous libraries, boutiques, and eateries here. You may visit the National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires for the best collection of European arts from the middle age to the 20th century.

Colonial Settlement

Salta is a town with its fine Andean colonial houses, the neo-classical style Cathedral, and museums. In the Museum of High Altitude Archaeology, you may explore the exhibits of mommies and Incan remains.

Ushusia is an isolated town in the Tierra del Fuego Island. Previously, it was a penal colony and naval base for the Argentine Navy because of its detachment from the other Argentine cities. The locale has become a tourist pick, which is now a base for nautical trips to Antarctic, trekking, and winter sports.

Natural Beauty

The Great Andes

The Andes passing through Argentina is in Mendoza. Aconcagua is the highest mountain outside Asia. This is the best point to get 360 degree views of the Andes.

Iguazu Falls

It is the world famous falls located in Puerto Iguazú. The Devil’s Throat acts as the border between Brazilian and Argentinean Iguazu Falls. Grab wet gears to go for an exciting boat ride. Then, go to Iguazú National Park to view subtropical rainforest and diverse wildlife like toucans, coons, and jaguars. Visitors may even go to dense forests like Selva Misionera, a neighborhood, for rappelling and ziplining.

Quebreda de Cafayate

Quebreda de Cafayate in Santa is a splendid landscape with multihued sandstone, red mountains, and rocks. Most rock formations took place in the Canyon of the Shells. Some sites to visit in this valley are the Devil’s Throat, the Castle, the Monk, the Obelisk, and the Natural Amphitheater.

Perito Moreno Glacier

Perito Moreno is the best pick for glaciers in Argentina. Its white azure ice sprawling across the turquoise water of Los Glaciares National Park is breathtaking. You may reach this destination easily from El Calafate. Spanning Argentina to Chile, it is the third largest reserves of fresh water in the world. Lake Argentino is another point, 5 km away from this location. Staying for a while, you will gaze at the crash of the ice chunks into the water with echoing effect.


According to historians, in the past, Argentina had been sparsely populated by diverse culture and social groups until the era of European colonization. European and Latin American immigrants have made up the country’s population and thus the culture. You will get intrigued by the avant-garde music, arts, and cinema and rich heritage.

Besides these, public transportation is cheaper and if you carry a map, you could easily travel to destinations. Do not miss out the aforementioned sites, as they are both worth exploring and popular. Happy vacation!

Fun Indoor Games When Traveling Around The World

In most of big cities around the world, travelers are invited to participate in exciting games. Many such escape the room activities are indoor games. These games rejuvenate the blood cells, making the travelers more intriguing in the given event. Most of them are real-time physical games than virtual games.

Escape Rooms

The travelers will be dragged from their living room to a fun, adventurous environment. They will be asked to solve physical puzzles and riddles within a stipulated time period, using hints, clues, and strategy. Their family and friends may assist them in deciphering the puzzles. Everything in the room may be or may not be essential in solving the mystery.

The participants who were trapped will completely venture into a new world that they forget their chores and the living room. They ought to be zealous in the fulfillment of the assigned tasks to solve the puzzle. As they are locked into a room, they use clues and items there to find the way out within the given time. Once they have successfully solved, the room will be open and they may be back to their normal activities.

At times, the solution is tricky and obscure in a way that it requires hints, object search, and certain actions to be performed based on the objects.

Game Requirements

The unique feature of these escape room games is that they are destined for interested participants of any age and skill set. Only creative ideas and curiosity are required to break the puzzle. Have loads of fun playing mystery room games! Each game is different and you get a unique experience going through each chapter of the game.

If you are traveling to New York City, these are some of the best escape the room nyc:


You will be trapped in a theatre. It is a 12-player game in Downtown and involves a multitude of keys for unraveling the mystery. The player will find paper hints and directional locks to draw a framework for the problem. The most tedious thing in this game is permutations and combinations of locks. If you think of arriving at a solution, a dozens of locks should be attempted for finding the best fit.

The REC Room

The REC Room brings the nostalgic memories of the 1980’s. The main theme of this game is to come out of the 80’s. About 9 people can participate in this Downtown game. Intensive search is required and all props of the room need to be investigated to sort out the puzzle. Order preservation of the puzzle is another important aspect of the game. The coordination of the team, expert scavenging, time management, and orderly solutions are integral to the success of the game.

Forgotten Library

Forgotten Library is one of the Midtown escape the room games. Entering into the library, you find a collection of books in a quaint fashion. A series of hints will be concealed in the books of any rustic bookshelf. The question here is within an hour will you escape out of the library or will remain a relic of the old age?

Clock Tower

Clock Tower is the most complex of all other Midtown games. An expert of time management who has exceptional reasoning skills can only be the winner of this game. The puzzles are not just mathematical but also logical and observational. It will not be completely perplexing; the player will be delighted to solve the complete set of puzzles within an hour. This game showcases the walkthrough of the participant to his/her office.

In conclusion, escape the room indoor activities are all amazing and exciting. They are the best entertainment for travelers staying in a hotel. Such games are also good at exposing the individual’s performance such as time management, team work, and problem solving.

Exciting Things to Do When You Are Traveling

There are is an exciting joy in traveling. Every travel adventure is sure to be filled with excitement, fun, and laughter. You are given a chance to enjoy majestic or historic sites with your family and friends. Above all these – you have the big chance to discover!

Traveling lets you explore tourist’s destinations that you read books, watch on TV or have seen from travel guides. You have the chance to see this and more if you are traveling. You are given the excitement and delight of anticipating the things that would happen in the trip.

You feel a huge amount of joy because of this.

However, have you even think of making your traveling unique? Here are a few things that would help you make it more exciting.

Do Something Exciting

One of the best things you could do to experience a great travel adventure is do something unique. Instead of taking pictures of sites, make the effort of film your travel adventure and make each take sound and look awesome. This would give you a me1moravble and fun time during the entire course of your travel.

Take Public Transportation

Riding a bus instead of a rented car or van brings you closer to the place you are visiting. You have a great chance to see exciting things such as the people. You have a chance to talk to them and know the culture of the place.

Riding in a public transport sets you to enjoy the ride with the passengers. Furthermore, you might discover places that are not included on your travel list. So, prepare for a great adventure tine that sets your mood.

Purchase Souvenirs

One of the best joys that are experienced in traveling is purchasing a souvenir. However, try to buy the souvenir items in the market rather than the gift shop. The purchase items would be worth to cherish as you go back home.

So, are you ready for the best travel adventure of your life? Pack your bags and consider the above-mentioned things to do when you are on a trip. Rest assured, fun and excitement would be yours.